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Shoom'lah Timete

Fear the Death Lizard...!

me :: lake mary
Coleman test ish ovah. Take that, Mannerist and post-Renaissancian Venetian/Northern European artists! Ha!

I'm hangin' out with Lissa an' Maddy for the weekend- the Lis-chick's house sitting again, so we've decided to go and sit upon houses right along with her. Hopefully, by the end of tomorrow, I'll have engrained the mantras of Stargate and Dune into their feeble little brains. Mwahaha.

Life drawing starts tomorrow, whee; we're doing an eight-week pose with the French lady model, so I'm looking forward to it... Acrylics, yum.

I mean, I don't eat them per se, but, well, damn. Never mind.

Academy Awards are Sunday- can't wait. This'll be a good weekend. Welp, I'm off to watch Simba's Pride now; go me.

me :: lake mary
note: I do eat acrylics.

My bad.