March 28th, 2003

me :: lake mary


A guy from the dry cleaners down the street by Tampa (actually, it turned out he was an actor who worked with them during 'special sales'- culdn't pull the wool o'er my eyes, no!) came by to hand out flyers. Cheap cleaning, what could be better? It turned out- and I have no idea how we drifted to this topic- that he lived in Italy for eighteen years, working as an actor in these short films which apparently make the Europeans crazy go nuts- they're second only to the national sport. What national sport? What the hell was he talking about?? Nonetheless, I listened. Europe loved him, they saw him as some exotic Americaín actor, and they gave him awards.

My question is, why then is he in Northridge handing out flyers for 50% off your leather items when he could be mingling about in Europe with Parisian models? Odd.

And then he warned me, in length, about 'those Italian playboys- all they do in life is see how many women they can get into bed!' which was, erm, fascinating. 'I was never very good with the women, y'know (though they were all over me) so models would come to stay at my penthouse in Milan. They trusted me. But those playboys! You watch out, they'll do anything to get t'ya- roses, whatever, they know every trick in the book.'

Now there's a book? And do these playboys make money from laying women? What? But he did eventually leave, especially after much of my nervous laughing, 'Oh, is that the phone?'-ing, and the awkwardness of having some odd little man on my porch who apparently thought that I'd obviously fall for these playboys and be bedded by sundown.


I worked on a new avatar today, I like... It suits my newest title, the 'redlining knave.'

Maddy, Lissa and I hung out today... 'Twas fun, we talked and watched Homestar for a bit... I get the feeling that Mads was a bit miffed towards the end of it, though I'm not sure why. Poo. I know she wants to get out and do stuff when we all get together, but we didn't really have that opportunity tonight- I wanted to get out too, trust me, we just, well, we don't drive yet.

Damn it all.

I hope she's better, maybe I'll talk 'bout it tonight or tomorrow. I want to talk core with her- she's my outlet for rants, she listens. 'Tis nice.
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