March 29th, 2003

me :: lake mary

Lick to another person...? WHa?

Art class was fun... I have proof: saitenyo Go me, I painted bebee sandworms up my arm, fremen-esque eyes on my eyelids, and pranced about shoulting 'Fear is the mindkiller!' like the Leto I am. Boo-yah!

Hey, guess what? Maddy's here. Say hi, Maddy:

Maddy: Hi, Maddy.

This is claire: Maddy is so much cooler than me. She does not suck. I am delusional. Ths is not maddy taking over claire's keyboard.

Hey, I so didn't say that, you... *shakes fist* Well, I won't retaliate, what with being a gentlewoman and all. Hrrunph, I say.

This is Maddy: There there, Claire- you are much more awesome than me. Don't beat yourself up about it. It is I who truly bites- yes, I. *sigh* Hey, I... I killed Pompom... I need you, to, er, help me buwy his bodeee. Right.

See? I didn't retaliate. Maddy retaliated on herself. Tsk, bipolar Maddy. Tsk.

Anyway, I'm gonna go draw snkes now. Mmm-yep. And, um, this is Claire. I swear. Wait, right? Yeah.. It's me.

I think.

Oh, crap.
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