March 30th, 2003

me :: lake mary

Ah, Reptiles.

I was getting out of the car this morning, only to find a lizard sitting beside the car, lazing about in the sun. It was just under a foot long, and it was, well, adorable, so I consequently watched it as my mom went inside. I eventually coaxed it over and snatched it up to look at it- he ( I think... Right?) squirmed for a second but then calmed down and just kinda scanned his new, much higher up view.

I brought him inside, gleefully showed my parnts, and then brought him outside along with some art supplies to do some studies... Lizards are fun. He was a good subject and he kept still, sans twisting his head around and biting my pen on occassion... So damned cute! Sigh. I got some good drawings done, coloured a few to get his markings down so I could check out his species later.

I let 'im go afterwards, gave a little thanks for him putting up with me, and then, well, I went to write in my livejournal. Fancy that! I'll post the sketches later.
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