April 8th, 2003

me :: lake mary

How does one go about saying 'your mom' in Goa'uld?

Man, I have scanned nothing as of late. Sucks t'be me.

Watched Stargate Sg-1 last night, and I'm beginning to fully comprehend the series after watching so many an episode; wow, in-jokes actually make sense to me! Gasp! Our dearest archaeologist is adorable giddy in the first season, something which I believe is, in part, a result of his amazingly bouncy hair. Why'd they cut it, Dammit! Grr.

Drew even more Dune to Stargate parallels last night, which is creepy. It never ends! Not to mention, I checked out a Stephen J. Gould book from the library last night, and we looked at a Napoleonic painting lesterday that was set in Jaffa... Either Stargate is slowly taking over my life like a parasitic, alien worm, or it's actually a story of my life. Yeah, I bet that's it. Hm.

Surprisingly, can't wait for spring break- we're going out east, so I can relax at museums and, well, look at colleges... What with that being the purpose of our trip and all. Fun.

So... right.
me :: lake mary


Who would've ever thought there to be a Kikkoman soy sauce flash commercial? Not me, that's for sure. Espcially one cocerning Kikko-Man himself...

... I like the part where Kikko-Man gets some, and when the cat eats breakfast, and then hangs himself. Odd, and yet serenly wonderful.


(you can get a tranlation of the lyrics here: http://www.sethgodin.com/sg/blog/2002_11_17_sethgodin_archive.html )

Sauce? Ketchup? Nonsense! Vanish them with Kikko Beam!!
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