April 13th, 2003

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New York? More like Shoom...! York... Right.

Okay, well, I'm pissed that getting together with Naryu didn't work, as she apparently couldn't call me all day due to stoobid hey-lookit-me-I'm-too-thick-and-I-block-reception museum walls, but now we know that there is potential to get together... I love my Nar! Woo!

Now, onto Manhattan. Oh, yeah- I'm in NY, for those who hadn't assumed that by this point in the entry. coughidiotscough.

We got to our fancy hotel-thing (Le Parker Meridien... It even has a fancy name. Cool.) around 12 New York time last night, and settled in... The room's awesome, as everything that lights up or happens to be soap is fremen eye-coloured- very pretty- and the tv spoins. Whee, lookit it go!

We checked out the Met this morning right when it opened, going to check out the Manet/Velasquez exhibit, comparing earlier Spanish painters with later french ones like Manet and the like. It turned out to be everything I expected and more, as a good 50% of it was made up of paintings we'd studied in Coleman's during the past week. I forced my parents not to get the audio guide, as it was fun wandering around and being able to explain the myriad of styles and techniques used in the... Stuff. Pieces, right.

They had Madame X and other such life-size portraits, all of which are breathtaking up close, and my personal favourite- Zurbarán's St. Francis in Meditation. It's pretty big, and seeing it in person was overwhelming. I'd been painting a derivitive piece based on Francis the night before, so seeing it in person was an amazingly cosmic coincidence. It's much more detailed (and not quite as black) as the copy in my book, so it helped me quite a bit in refining my knowledge of the painting itself.

I bought a poster of it ... I think I have a crush on that painting. Sigh, oh Zurbaran- where did you learn to woo women's hearts with your brushtrokes...?

Right, then! Onward!!

We then checked out Egyptian Art, which never fails to interest me. The Met has an amazing collection of Egyptian pieces, including two rooms dedicated to the Amarna period (Reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten, who is far too fascinating to be ignored) and Queen Hatshepsut (Female Pharaoh later defaced on next to all of her monuments by her brother), respectively. It's rather difficult to choose favourites in that exhibit, as everything's so perfect, and so I believe I'll refrain from doing so.

I went into the temple complex they have at the met, too; and entire room dedicated to a temple 'given' to the US after we helped the government salvage the Rameses temple for 'em. It's huge and awe-inspiring, and one can't help but think that there needs to be a Stargate in there somewhere. I took tons of photos (and by tons, I mean not quite tons, but a choice few), and I swear some of those reliefs were of Apophis. For those in the know, well, I'm freaked out.

I bough a book on Akhenaten, along with a copy of the Book of the Dead... I need to read that.

We then rambled on over to the Natural History Museum, to check out dinos and mammals. Dad actually ended up checking out meteors and mom Tibetans, so I suppose that was really a lie. But at least I checked out dinos and mammals. The mammals were nothing to really scream about, but they have a great dinosaur and prehistoric animals setup at the museum. They have tons of gorgeously intact skeletons, along with a few mummified 'saurs... So much fun. The deinonychus and styracosaur were particularly stunning, along with the Tyrannosaurus and Apatosaurus for sheer size.

I met a fellow artist near the Triceratops, and we chatted for a while... He was very good at drawing the skull, along with drawing the skull off the page. Hey, it happens. We talked about the skeletons for a while, as many of them are from the early 1900's and haven't het been re-situated into the correct posture with backward facing upper ribs and lifted tails. It frustrated us both, but we laughed. Ah, good times.

Oh, right- Megaloceros (ancient really-big-antlered deer) was also cool. What isn't cool in the Nat'l History Museum? Oh, right- the gift shop. But that's besides the point.

Now we're off to dinner with Travis, my ever-elusive cousin who happens to be a... A ballerino, I suppose. Just 'cause that sounds cool. Well, off to mexican food.
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