May 9th, 2003

me :: lake mary

*slam head against the wall*

Sigh. I usually don't point out art theft, but this one annoys me- I mean, spunky little brad Dourif fans annoy me. So, by association, Collapse ) annoys me. (Man, if Dourif really signed that... *shakes fist*)

Odd- it kinda looks like Collapse )

She's the typical sort of 'self-hatred is cool sort of artist,' in love with (gasp of surprise!) Alice in Wonderland and the like. She also claims to have been created by Wolverine and Brad Dourif, in a lab somewhere... In a tube. The illustration of it is mildly humorous, though- I just enjoy the caption stating 'note: [Dr.] Wolverine and Dr. Gediman (Brad Dourif) are SUPER HOT!!!! LAB COATS RULE!!!!!!'

Uh, yeah.

On another topic, I was net-yelled at by someone by using the term 'woman of colour' today- they claimed they weren't ranting at me, but at 'them'- the people who apparently implement p.c.ness (last time I checked, most people don't use the term people of colour. Hm)- for discouraging people from using the terms 'black' and 'indian.' I calmly pointed out that I was suing an umbrella term for a reason and explained my standing, and then pointed out the fact that I had used the terms black, indian and latina in my previous post. I hope he doesn't hate me now, 'cause, y'know, I like him! He's getting married to Kyoht, an' he's a good programmer... He's on the right track.

In conclusion, Marijuana: it gets you pregnant.
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