May 12th, 2003

me :: lake mary

Hey there, joeys...

...I was gonna say kids, but kangaroos are just so much cooler than goats. Take that, Lissa!

I watched Johnny Quest this afternoon, as I couldn't help but be drawn in by a plotline that can be paraphrased as such: Johnny, Hadji, Race, Bandit and Dr. Quest are out in the middle of Africa, testing a satellite-balloon... Thing. It gets caught in an updraft and manages to land on this tall outcropping jutting up two miles above the flat plains, which makes perfect sense, and the plateau at the top is consequently only reachable by plane (or so they think...). They go up, only to discover that a civilisation of generic cavemen live at the top, ruled mercilessly by an escaped Nazi war criminal who just happened to find a diamond mine within the mountain, and plans to escape with the goods.

Peeerfectly logical.

In other news, my Nightcrawler Mum's Day image made it into the Daily Top Favourites on DevArt, which was a pleasant surprise. Whoa- check it out.
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I feel... Loved. Like I should break out into song right now, á la Claire: the Broadway musical. Man, tht would be so cool! I need to get me a musical.
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