May 16th, 2003

me :: lake mary


I'm on much better terms wth Mr. Miller, if that's even possible. We talked together this morning, just to, y'know, talk, and make sure that we'd tied up any loose ends between the two of us. I feel much more fulfilled right now, as being close to Mr. Miller means a lot to me- I like being able to side with him or support him in a discussion (he let me lead part of today's core dialogue. Whee!), and to just be around him. He and Vitaly are such positive male role models in my mind, and I look up to them with such respect and downright love... They have such an amazingly powerful 'presence' that I can't help but listen to them. Gah! They're so awesome.

So, yes- I feel good. Onto other topics.

Saw Down with Love tonight, which was quite contrary to my original plans to go off and see the Matrix. Nevertheless, a good film overall- I can't help but imagine that I'll have to go see it once more to examine it in terms of gender roles, though- I mean, half the film focuses on promoting the male-identified woman, helping women 'live their lives like a man.' But it was good, no doubt about that. I mean, with a main character named Catcher Block (man's man, ladie's man, man about town), how can you go wrong? I'll probably drag Mad & Lis off to see it later, but Matrix first.

Golden Apple was out of the new Uncanny X-men that I wanted- no, needed- to buy. Damn, no blueberry muffin or priest!Kurt today... But they apparently get new stock of it in tomorrow, so I'm cool- not to mention, it costs but a quarter. Hail to the new story arcs!

Got The Art of X2 at the bookstore, though, to make up for the fact that both of the reading materials I was planning on picking up were nowhere to be seen. It's pretty, and it's got lots of Nightcrawler images and designs; I suppose, you know, because he's so awesome. In fact, it even has nude Nightcrawler pics... Wooow.
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