June 10th, 2003

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I do so enjoy this keyboard over my one at home... It's much softer when you type, and, ergo, you get livejournal entries from me. Rejoice!

School has been taking far too long as of late, and (though I do adore my core classes) I cannot wait for the next two weeks to end. Math is a living hell on a stick, and making an attempt to finish my personal photo project for Mrs. Hill by Thursday feels to be a losing battle... But I'll manage.

I brought Bob, my California desert tortoise, to school today, under the assumption that it would be a convinient way for Maddy and myself to take him directly to that Lime-canyon-creek-thing place after school to take many a photo. For the project. But, apparently, my mother thinks she'll just stop by to pick us up, since (gasp!) no animals are allowed on the bus. Damn it all, but hey- we get a ride!


And on to other matters, Friday presents yet another crazy dilemma- not only did I promise my friends in drama that I'd go to see their cast's production of Cabaret, but I also have an art show that night that I'll have to pass on, a Croc Hunter episode that I'll be missing, and, to top it off, the Stargate SG-1 premiere episode(s?). Three hours of pure Danny-boy!! Grah.

I just want summer... Now. Then again, Dale still hasn't called me back about my job. Wuh oh.


...Hey, did you know that the latin root of tortoise, Tartarucha, means 'of the underworld'? Too cool. And the roots of crocodile means 'pebble worm,' which is equally neat- characters will come of this, I swear.
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