June 17th, 2003

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Yup, dream. To hell with father's day (I kid you, dad rocks...), I'm just excited that I remebered my dream of last night in such detail. I often remember them, yes, but rarely to the point that I have to reeeally work to convince myself that there wasn't another day added into my life. Cool.

So, it began as I was wandering around with my mother near a line of large, yet quaint beachhouses. We walked out onto the sand- in a sort of secluded cove, really- and I promptly said, 'Mom, I don't see why this is called lancehead beach. I mean, there is absolutely no justification for that monacre. None.' and on in that fashion (This line obviously came from watching Croc Hunter the day before, during which Steve had been pointing out the aptly-named Lancehead snake with it's, well, lance-shaped head.). It suddently occured to me though, as I was ranting, that several hang-gliders taking off from under the waves (what...?) resembled lances as the emerged and soared off into the heavens.

This was, obviously, a hang-glider takey-offey cove-beach-thing. Duh.

So I, as any healthy-minded young woman would have, wandered off towards one of the sky-gliders (as they were called in my dream) and took off. It was odd- they were like the gliders in Treasure Planet, but they had no engines; and you sat, you didn't stand- as if you were on a Qudditch broom, actually. The same control idea, too- tilting and kicking gets you where you need to go. 'Twas very exhilerating, I must admit.

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So, while sky-gliding, I came across two adorable little girls on their own sky-gliders- we decided to race eachother over to the next beach (a few coves over) and, of course, I won. Go me! Nevertheless, we were laughing, smiling, and I had completely and utterly forgotten about my mom off on the other beach by now... I think she left to get candy or something. In the meantime, the two girls introduced me briefly to their dad- he ended up being Luke, from the 'Nam film Coming Home, so that was odd... Considering he was supposed to be parapelegic.

Huh, Whadd'ya know.

So we landed (their dad went to... Get candy too. He gone now.), and walked into an underground tunnel. The younger, not to mention the noticeably cuter/more likely to take over the world, of the two asked me if I knew about the Stargate (bolded to keep your attention!), though she garbled her words a bit. I did a quick double-take, got all excited because I knew what she was talking about, and let her lead me to an ledge, an overlook into the lower level in the tunnel system. It seemed to be filled with rubble at first, until I noticed the huge stone tablets were glowing... Well, some of them were anyway.

The girls climbed onto the largest tablet, which seesawed depending on which side they stood on. I followed quietly, and looked at the glowing text on the slab. It was a bright orange, and seemed to fritz out a few lines down the tablet. Damn!

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The two halves of the tablet (halves defined according to the point on which the tablet balanced) were labelled either 'h' or 'g', and each sported a flashy hadled which had no apparent use at the time. By now, the girls had, um, also gone off to get candy, or otherwise fallen between the rubble to their pointy doom. Either way, I was alone, and now looking at myself from a third person POV.

I was also Daniel Jackson.

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I was also no longer lone (that was quick...), as the remainded or the SG-1 team watched me struggle on this seesawing tablet, apparently extremely irritated that I hadn't translated the texts yet. I flashed back to first person, and said I was doing the best that I could, dammit! I slid back towards the side of the slab that was up against the aforementioned ledge, just noticing too late that the ledge had given way at the point where the rock (Well, I'm out of synonyms) had been resting, and I slid down into the second level of the tunnels/sewers, cursing.

And then I woke.

What did those tablets mean...?
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