June 18th, 2003

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Woo hoo!

Watched the Stargate SG-1 season premiere last night, after coming home from my school's production o' Cabaret... I had been planning to party at Chelsea's house that night so we could share the love for Danny-boy i the buff, but no... Far too much junk was going on yesterday for my taste. Grah!

The episodes were wonderful(and, trust me, that's the understatement of the century), and I'm most definitely looking forward to the fresh new season 7. Though it depresses me to see our dear Jonas Quinn leave (though I'm sure the rest of the fandom is just hunky dory 'bout shoving him through the 'gate... Poor guy!), he went with dignity- and he's finally earned O'Neill's respect and, well, acceptance... Though it is a touch late, Jack was always like a father figure to him and it's nice to see them parting on good terms. Ah.

Daniel Jackson was, without a doubt, an adorable little fetal ball of amnesic, fleshy goodness last night (last night? Well, that reeks of innuendo...); a good start for the outset of the new season, don't you think? Shanks did wonderfully, and he played a very naive/vulnerable Daniel- which is a change. I enjoyed it, though it must have been difficult to achieve considering that Shanks did have five straight years to settle into the character. Fun stuff... I hope the rest of the new season will be as good as anticipated, especially considering how graphics-right it seems to be already. Just beautful.

Oh, yeah- Anubis freaks me out. Damned wannabe-Palpatine.

Along with SG-1, the Croc Hunter Live week on Animal planet (gasp, channel 42! it's a siiign...) is sadly over... If it weren't for HP:OotP, summer vacation and possible work, I'd have no reason to live. At all. Thankfully, I only have two finals next week, both of which I feel very confident about, so I'm in an overall good mood. Speaking of HP, I better go pre-order a few copies for my mates and I over at Borders. Yikes.

I'm tiring myself with all this writing, so I suppose I'd better sum up. Just thought I'd end by mentioning that I'm working on this awesome website dedicated to albinism & leucism (look it up, lazy-butt.) in the animal kingdom, which I hope'll become a summer project for me along with my normal website. It'll be called Pale in Comparison (ooh! I'm so witty.), so, keep an eye out for it.

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