June 19th, 2003

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Be afraaaiid.

For all who're planning to attend my Harry Potter OotP Line Party at the Northridge Fashion Center Borders, I'm makin' some kick-arse name tags for everyone. I'm Voldie, Stacy's Snape, Kristen's Cho (the asian one!), Maddy's Lupin... The Fleur one's for Kay, of course (our local 'Fleur on crack'). I've got a few extras (i.e. Hermione, Harry), but if anyone wants a 'custom' job, then IM me. Or e-mail me. Or call me.

Or something.

Now if I could find that damned Slyth tie, then I'd be set... Grr.
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me :: lake mary


I just noted that Rowling describes Karkaroff's voice as being 'fruity.' Though probably not intended, I can't help but interpret this- along with his tendency to wear furs- into what I now deem flaming!Karkaroff. I suppose the only reason Severus is tense around him is because he doesn't want to recall the mad, passionate love affair the two shared as deatheaters. Hm.

But, sincerely (and despite the subject title), that's not the point of this post... Hear me out! I just needed a place to lay out my opinions on Remus, Sirius, and- wait, no; just on Remus and Sirius. My bad.

I enjoy the concept of fandom slash- I really do. It opens the subculture to the idea of homosexuality (which is good), no matter how much it tends to focus on 2+ males for the purpose of satiating female fans' Potter man-lusts (not good, but okay.)... I do wish there were more, what's the word? 'Femmeslash' (for the word 'lesbian' is, of course, taboo) stories out there which weren't blind sex-fics with a dramatic lack of any characterization whatsoever, nor were they written by 12-year-olds... But hey. We'll work on that later. My point is, slash is an interesting tangent off of the canon and makes for some great (and some awful) storylines.

Right? Right.

But that, of course, is the fanon (for those not 'in the know,' fanon is a term used to describe the alternate dimension of Potter that the readers have created,, where Snape is hunky-dory, Draco looks good in leather, and even Fluffy gets the occassional action.). In the canon books, very few gay or lesbian couples are presented and/or implied- and that's overestimating- as the relationships wouldn't be deemed 'appropriate' for the younguns. In my opinion, though, there is one that's there... Not to mention, there's a good chunk of evidence to support it. That is, our dear Sirius & Remus.

Either they're together, or they at least have a violently strong emotional relationship; one that would break the both of them if it was lost. The two were close friends during childhood, to the point that Sirius, along with Peter & James, spent the better part of his school carreer working to support & help Remus through what had then been a terrible problem. That alone would have worked as a sort of bond, no? And Remus' ultimate relief when he realizes Sirius' innocence in PoA, after years of living under a misconception? That's just touching.

The hug, the 'laying low at Lupin's,' the lot. It all points to an amazing love between the two characters, a true 'agape' between two very atypical male figures. Both show these wonderful personalities of love and compassion towards several figures in their lives, and both come out of it all as ultimately, well, deep and layered role models for boys reading the story. Yay! In fact, according to particular definitions I've 'come across,' per sé, Remy & Sirius are most definitely transgendered.

Alternatively, my problem (you knew it'd pop up somewhar) lies within the fandom's interpretation of this relationship. Though I do come across substancial fics concerning the two, most writers don't seem to have the patience to take advantage of the, methinks, most interesting characters in the canon! We've got tons of definition on who they are, what their standards are, and yet so many writers go strait to the man-snoggin'... It really raises my hackles.

And this, by the way, is why I expect Rowling'll kill off Remus, to support Maddy's theories... He's just far too interesting to not die for the sake of the story, really. Rowling apparently cried as she wrote the death of whomever in Book five, and I sincerely can't imagine sobbing over anyone other than Remy.

God, though- I really hope not.
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