July 23rd, 2003

me :: lake mary

Neopets update.

I haven't been able to write anything recently due to work- I've just been too exhausted to do anything whenever I get home. Sorry, whatever. I'm tired.

It's my third(?) week at neopets; I've already draw a load of WotC cards, paintbrushes, items, and miscellaneous illustrations for the site, yet the flow of assignments never quite seems to cease. Hm. The cards can be fun, but other stuff can be hell, including anything featuring a nimmo. Just finished the Darigan Grarrl today (see icon), which I rather enjoyed, but there's still two hourrs left to work during which I have to draw even more. Bah!

Adam just froze Cobb's account, which does suck... Though I admit, it is entertaining considering that his only motive was that Cobb had in some way kicked his arse during the ongoing game of Diplomacy. Ah, the interoffice tensions...
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