August 23rd, 2003

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Hawaii Photos!

Yup. It's been a month and a half but BY GUM, they're here for all to see. Cut for your conveience, so the images don't blow your mind. Or, err, your already-crowded f(r)iends list.

And, to see them, I don't know... This entry's freaking out on me. Try deleting the 'http://', and you should be fine.

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me :: lake mary


Man, I just love my new keyboard. RRR! RRRRRRR!! Good times, good times.

Now, the obligatory Pirate Photos post! Lissa, my sis Emily and I went to the El Capitan in Hollywood a few weeks back to see Pirates of the Caribbean in full pirate wench attire. Fun was had for all, despite the insatiable flow of people who thought they were being oh-so-witty by saying 'Aaargh!' or 'hey, wench!' to us. Imbies.

Remember- try taking out the http://. I still don't know why AOL is freakin' on me all of a sudden.

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    Pirates. RRRR!!
me :: lake mary


Come on, try it out!

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