August 30th, 2003

me :: lake mary

Oh dear lord...

Just thought I'd warn everyone before they run out and rent Disney's Stitch! The Movie (Renting, I'm sure, out of faithfulness to Chris Sanders alone, as opposed to any actual urge to see this)... Don't come within 10 feet of this thing. That is, of course, unless you're coming over to my house to suffer through and/or MST3K the hell out of the thing.

Okay, it was done in a year, and done in Korea. No offense to Korea or anything, but the animation sucked. Luckily enough my brain has an auto-animate filter through which I send storyboards, voiceovers, and just flat-out bad animation, so my mind isn't too horribly traumtized by this point. I mean, watching that thing... Ugh. There were innumerable still frames, and the sole fact that they actually reused certain sequences of animation from the first film (badly traced-over, mind you) is mind-boggling.

Sadly, though, the animation isn't the only thing that fell flat. Save the fact that the voice actors are still the same, Pleakly still cross-dresses, the main villain is a space-hamster with a Python-esque french accent, and the other experiments have cool designs going for them, the plot is non-existant. Well it exists, and it could have potential, but the entire film exists only to lay out the path for the upcoming animated series.

Bluh. Parody-art to come soon.
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