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Shoom'lah Timete

Fear the Death Lizard...!

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me :: lake mary
My inking's still good- I rejoice.

More artsy junk here- Enjoy yerselves.

School's been great these past two weeks, and I think I'm definitely enjoying being a senior. Vitale's AP Lit is great to have first thing in the morning (God, Hamlet is good.), AP Studio Art is pleasantly easy, I'm getting out of Life Studies (Huzzah), CORE's cool... Ah, bliss.

I mean, bliss if it weren't for Phedre. I mean, I am just so confused about that play.

And life in general's been good, no matter how much I (*sob*) miss everyone at neopets. Working on buying an original painting of Ursula Vernon's, which just makes me giddy, and I ad Tortilla Soup tonight. Mmmm, Food Whole.