October 9th, 2003

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Even worse than the names Simply Taupe, Café Mystique, Salmoberry, Family Legacy, and Cozy Melon found in my handy dandy pile of paint samples on my desk, is this:


'Guess what! I started painting my walls this morning!'
'What'd you use?'
'Oh, just some newborn.'

Can that not sound morbid...? Eeeurgh.

The Lion King DVD Box Social with my friends went surprisingly well, for as long as it lasted. Everyone seemed to leave rather early in the gae due to 'previous engagements,' including an apparently pathetic College Night(!) at Cleveland. But what can you expect, from LAUSD. Ah, well- it was fun while it lasted, and we all sat around watching the extras and eating Lion King animal crackers... Mmm, Simba head. I did, however, get horribly depressed afterwards, and I haven't the foggiest idea why; I'm better now, though, and I'm not sick anymore, either. Huzzah! My stomach is no longer eating itself!

Classes are good, I'm quite enjoying philosphy and creative writing... I mean, I can't believe it's actually considered WORK to write poetry. Bliss.

I'll post more later, it's awful late, and I'm going to Bergamot station to check out galleries on the 'morrow. Ta!
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