November 4th, 2003

me :: lake mary

Gruh HUH huhuh.

Can I possibly put into words just how much I love the Bard right now? I doubt.

I saw an all-male production of Twelfth Night, by our dearest Will, this past Sunday night; and I am enchanted, to say the very least.

It was, to put it simply, the most amazing play I've ever seen, in both the play itself, and those who put it on (namely, these guys), and I'm finding it quite difficult to not break down and follow them all around the country. I mean, LORD! I sobbed at the end of a comedy! That's either pathetic, or a good show of what an impact the damnéd thing had on me.

So, yes, 'twas amazing; the twist of having it done with a completely male cast in accurate Elizabethan-period attire, using period props & sets, with period instrumentals really did make it all the more effective. I fell in love with Viola & Olivia (if not the whole cast) at first sight, as the actors played the best women I'd ever seen. They were beautiful, endearing, just... GUH! Everything. And Orcino's Scottish brogue! I just... I just need another Twelfth Night FIX. Just stunning.

Mmm... Crooossdressing. Mistaken Ideeeentities.

On another note, the midterm is over and done with, and I've been (!) switched into Linn's for period four, making my core schedule horribly unbalanced as I now have Linn/Gifford, and then I'll go on to have Miller/Wilf; it's like going from greuling menial labour to eating pudding... Delicious pudding. And, of course, I'll forget eeeverything that's actually relevant towards the final- save Lit. Huzzah!