November 16th, 2003

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First off, I stumbled across (thanks to another Twelfth Night junkie's suggestion) the book Thriteenth Night, a murder mystery set after the play's ending about the death of Orsino- it's gotten great reviews and already has two sequels, so I'm hyped, to say the least... I'm sure Mads'll enjoy them too.

But, then! Onto the point of the post.

I was browsing through the news posts on, and found a quick blurb about Liv Tyler that has made me respect her a hundred fold more than before. You see, I outright loathed her in the part of Arwen; she didn't fit my mind's image, she was stealing a lot of Eowyn's glory, and so on. Sooo, I've pretty much ignored Tyler, dismissing her as 'just another actress who annoys the hell out of me.'

But Lo! What did she do, according to this article? After having skinnied herself down to 125 lbs. for her part as Arwen (understandinly, as she's an elf), she then went to gain 28 lbs. directly after shooting to return to her more comfortable weight. My GOD! That's so awesome! Her agents and reps have been pressuring her to lose the weight again so she'd get more parts, but she's insisted on ignoring them; stating that if they can't see her as slim and beautiful as she is now, then they're wasting her time.

My god... I respect the woman now.
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