January 27th, 2004

me :: lake mary


I'm eating hearty rations to-nite, baby! To hell with meager.

1. The new Neopets TCG is out, namely the Meridell expansion set, and five of my cards are included in it- must go out and buy. Sadly my 'Fall of Jeran' didn't make it, but my Gríma-esque courtier and snazzy draik slkeleton are in, and I'm appropriately dandy.

2. I got accepted to Principia, which makes me happy beyond all reason. Not only am I quite fond of the school, but it also means that, even if I don't get into any of my other college choices, I'm still cool. I share Maddy's sentiment.

3. The CORE final is tomorrow, and, though I'm somewhat freaked for the time being, there's this tingly sensation I get when I realize that yes, yes, it's clear sailing after that damnéd thing is over. Callooh, Callay! So, now I sit back and wait. Wait for who? Why, I wait for Godot.

4. A truck in front of me the other day was advertising Ed Butts' Toyota dealership. Was that truck making fun of me?

5. I got a brochure from some Marriot resort off in the desert offering me a special deal to come and visit. The 'personalized' letter began with the phrase 'Dear Ms. Claire Hummel: As a golf enthusiast...' This phrase was wrong on innumerable levels, specifically the level having to do with the fact that I am not a golf enthusiast. I declined the offer.

6. Dwarf chicks ain't gettin' the lovin'. I promote stocky bearded women!

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