February 15th, 2004

me :: lake mary

Loyal Sidekickism...

If anyone here can spare some time to reply, I'd really appreciate getting some input for a class project I'm working on- namely, Loyal Sidekickism- the philosophy of the loyal sidekick.

Because we're all so familiar with our dear Samwise, the hobbit who epitomizes the very idea of the sidekick, I figured you all might have something to say about the sidekick and his role in literature throughout history. I'd love to hear anything and everything you could 'put to paper' concerning the idea of the literary sidekick- so feel free to rave on for paragraphs without any set purpose, because that's really what I need- but here are a few general questions to get you started:

- What sidekicks, save Samwise, can you think of in Tolkien's stories and/or other works of literature? (i.e. Watson from Sherlock Holmes, Horatio from Hamlet, etc.)
- How would you define a sidekick?
- What qualities would you consider to be an essential part of the sidekick's demeanor? (i.e. Sam's loyalty & protectiveness, etc.)
- what's the sidekick's purpose in moving the story along?
- What gear should a sidekick always carry with him?
- Are there any real life equivalents of the sidekick?
...and so on, and so forth.

Thanks again for your help, and hope this leads to some interesting discussions!