February 18th, 2004

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I need to make some new icons.

First off, I got into </b>Laguna College of Art & Design</b>! Huzzah, I say!! 2fer2 so far application-wise, but it isn't going to my head, thank goodness- I'm still irrationally convinced that I won't get into any more schools. We're all good.


On a completely separate note, I noticed today that Pepsi's new slogan is: '...it's the cola.' As in, 'Pepsi- it's the cola.'

I have yet to find the logic in this, or the potential marketability- do people hear this, and find their minds are suddenly wiped of all previous pop-related memory that has anything to do with non-Pepsi brands? Or are people supposed to hear this self-proclaimed 'the soda's soda,' 'king among kings' talk and suddenly feel guilty if they dare (god forbid) settle for the lesser cola? Say, Coke? Or, alternatively, is it meant to imply that some sort of high can be achieved only by drinking this nectar of the gods? As in, 'it's the Pepsi talking'? Frightening prospect, really.

So, in my quest to get to the bottom of all this, I checked out the website- according to the, erm, 'History' section:

'Pepsi-Cola unveils a new advertising campaign, "Pepsi. It's the Cola," which is the brand's first major campaign shift since 1999. The new campaign highlights the popular soft drink that goes with everything from food to fun.'

What the...? Brainwashing, that's all it is, from 'Exhilarating, invigorating, aids digestion' in 1903 to 'Drink young, feel young' in 2003- brainwashing crap, I say. Gruh. Aids digestion my foot.

God, I hate Pepsi.