April 5th, 2004

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I'ma gonna have a huge arse update in a bit, don't you all worry. In the meantime, here's a quick summary:

-Got into RISD! [faux]Drinks all around!
-Met Michael Shanks- teh HOTT.
-On Wil Wheaton's website? Whaa...?
-Upcoming trip to east coast!
-What the hell is with HP fans saying junk like this to Cassie Claire?

'I don't like JKR's Draco that much. I like your Draco.'

So, then, you don't like Draco. Get that through your thick little skull.

Oh, and check out my fanjournal-to-be- chevrotain. I plan on confining my [insert fandom here]-related rants in thar, so friend it if you want to keep up to date with 'em (and make the journal feel spechul).

-Claire 'high on packingWHEEEE' Hummel