May 18th, 2004

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People say I should update, so I'm updatin'.

Buff Guys Stabbing Stuff A While Ago And Also With Horses Of Wood Troy
See, when I imagine the Iliad, I don't imagine a scene- let alone multiple scenes- including the oh-so-pert naked arse of Brad Pitt. The lack of Pitt-butt is a good thing in my eyes, as I'd much rather get my thrils from theorizing about Patrocles & Achilles' 'devotion' thankyouverymuch, so Troy left me disappointed. Gruh.

Oh, and riddle me this: blue pigment, obtained from the rare stone lapis lazuli, is one of the most expencsive colours of the ancient world. Why, then, is everything blue? Palaces, maybe, sure, but saddle blankets and workout uniforms that stylishly show off Achilles & Tyler Hanson's Patrocles' abs? Nuh uh.

...And skinny little Danish chicks with waxed eyebrows weren't the ideal of beauty, hon. To quote Mr. Coleman, "I wouldn't have launched an inflatable dinghy, let alone a thousand ships." SCOFF!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Ho-HO, I finally saw it- take that, list of things I thought I'd never get around to doing! I figured I'd like it, but I ended up really liked it- I can't necessarily voice my reaction, but it was pleasantly mind-boggling and awesome. Go see it if you haven't. Which I doubt.

- AP's are over (red rover, red rover), and Claire rejoices. Gifford and Linn, however, are far from. *shakes fist at Wittgenstein*
- The Eyre Affair is, indeed, a Book's Book, and I reccomend it to eeeveryone. Thursday Next is one of the few characters I've read recently where the fact that she's female isn't the first thing on my mind, and it makes the story all the more convincing. Yay!
- Bough Peter Pan. Hot.
- Jeeves & Wooster- timeless subtext-filled good fun; Maddy earns points for the introduction.
- Yerf apps are fun, but it's hard to find the time to do them. Must... Sacrifice reading time.

Love and more later,