June 22nd, 2004

me :: lake mary

Look out world, here I... Meh. TIred.

It's far too late in the night, I'm hitting a second wind, and I've decided that I've nothing better than to briefly [sic.] update my livejournal. Tough patooties.

(My god, did you know that Dictionary.com actually requires you to log in and pay to get the blasted definition of 'patootie'? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm inquisitive, but one would think words like 'crustacean' and 'ostentatious' would be more tempting than patootie... Huh.)

Moving on, I really am due for an update- Graduation, for one, seems like a poignant enough milestone for me to call it to all y'all's attention. Well, to elaborate, I graduated. From high school. Huzzah! The ceremony was hot but quick, the elder teachers were crocked, soused and on-a-bun-drunk beyond expectations, and photos were taken to the point of ridiculous excess. The so-called 'Graaad Niiight" was to follow, and did so accordingly. Disneyland was fun but somewhat out of character considering the devilish kiss fm 'music' 'pumping' through the park, the savages making fools of themselves on the dance platforms (pardon, did I just say dance platforms? Gooness, I did.), and the fact that the park, crowded as ever, consisted of the most teeth-grittingly impish whippersnappers I ever did need to see. Oh, and I must admit that the backwoods charm of the 'Conestoga Fries' was severely tempered by the fact that they were presented in McDonald's containers. Ah, well, at least I got a scha-weet sweatshirt and [replacement] rubber snake out of the deal; this one doesn't have chew marks.


In other news, new studies show that women can get legitimately pissed without the help of PMS thankyouverymuch, and anyone who says otherwise is one addled fellow indeed. Don't blame hormones, folks- blame pent-up rage!


Oh and on a final note, Claire (the undersigned) really wants to start a webcomic. Aaaargh. I finally grew a beard (!) and signed up with Girlamatic.com to check out the comics therein, and reading the brilliance that is Dylan Marconis' Bite Me made me all antsy... Her humour an' historical accuracy an' pretty art an' awesome characterizations truly are to die for, and they got me in a sequential mood... The problem, however, lies in the fact that I haven't got any plots that are solidified to the point that I could keep up a regular webcomic wif 'em. Eeurgh.

'Sall for now, I'm off to 'sleep.'

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