June 28th, 2004

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To-day began my fourth summer working at Neopets- huzzah for me and my pseudo-seniority! I love that I've known the Neopets 'peoples' for the majority of my high school career, and yet my actual time working in the office only accumulates to about 7 months, give or take a few weeks. Wow.

'Twas nice getting to see everyone after a good 10 months of being apart, and working still feels pretty damn natural. My computer was as it had always been when I loaded up my username (2003 PotC desktop! Woo!), Maeve still wanted cookies, and I already had about 9 trading cards in my to-do queue. Nice. Finished up the blue lenny card today for an expension, and started doing some concepts for my other ones; I'm currently conflicted as to whether I should Snape-ify the character for the alchemy card, but I have time to decide that later.

Cookies are made, and I want to go onna walk. Mrf.