October 4th, 2004

myst :: sirrus

Myst IV Revelation!? More like Myst IV... Really... Cool. Game. Um.

1. Myst IV Revelation is Teh Awesome. As can be seen by my new icon, my childhood crush on Sirrus has no reason to fade any time soon, although it most definitely puts a slant on the gameplay... DAMN his clean-cut, period appeal! To hell with the fact that he's crazy, I say.

I was obviously worried at first that the game would, y'know, suck, but it's turning out to be very engaging. The graphics are freakishly wondrous- the trees move, birds fly by, things eat other things- and the game is deeply rooted in the plot, unlike the semi-superficiality of Exile's puzzles! Oh, and this one wins for the game with most moments THAT FREAK CLAIRE OUT AT NIGHT SWEET GOD. So cool.

2. Why do the guys in this dorm have to draw penises on everything? It's getting old.

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