October 15th, 2004

me :: lake mary

I'm STILL geekin' out over that!

I have yet to see Sharkslaye- oh, pardon me, Shark's Tale, so I can hardly compare, but The Incredibles seems pretty hard to beat in terms of this year's animated films. I always fear that Pixar's gonna hit a peak and suddenly begin making CRAP just as Disney did, but (being as confidential as is humanly possible) the screening tonight was no less than awesome- amazing skin tones and colour theory and such, great characters, and my only complain is how weirdly small the female characters' calves seem to be at times... A minor flaw, of course, considering how wonderfully big Helen/Elastigirl's hips are. SO curvy! Gah. I wore my mask to the screeing and felt Teh Cool, and Brad Bird left a suspiciously cryptic note in my sketchbook:

"Schedule this!"

What in the...? But hey, he admitted that he had no idea why he was writing it, so no harm done. Mmm.

I've just spent my evening eating a late night dinner, watching the extras on the Master & Commander DVD, and making a book out of scrap leather for my drawing class- you know, because appaently making books is something you do in a Drawing class- and I'm feelin' fine. Oh, and Lissa- can I see the back of your head on the Aladdin extras? Because that would be the height of cool.

Off to pull a Maddy and lift weights just to ponder things,