October 17th, 2004

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Claire's Miscellany.

Having little else to do yesterday, I went shopping (gasp!) with 'the gang' and found that I have this annoying habit as of late to go into stores, make a mental shopping list of things I'll want to buy later, and then completely and utterly forget about said list the next time I go out. I've gone to both the army surplus and the sock store (yes- yes we have a sock store. I love Providence.) at least thrice, and naught has come of any of the visits due to my vicious sense of procrastination. Grr.

Despite this minor inconvenience, I did manage to get some cool stuff; I picked up a Sirius Black wanted poster just for the hell of it, the Jeeves and Wooster first season DVD's because my brain has been going through Wodehouse withdrawl, fingerless gloves because outdoor painting is impossible to do without them, and an awesome frilly shirt for my Hallowe'en costume.

Speaking of All Hallows' Eve, I have finally decided on a costume for the occassion; although I was originally planning on going as Sirrus from Myst IV, I have far too little time to pull that one off and have decided to instead go as Paul Ravere [sic.]. You see, I bought a tri-cornered hat when in Boston, and I have a frock coat-esque jacket to go with it, and when I carried around a lantern I had purchased at Bed, Bath and Beyond the other day a little boy pointed me out to his mother and said, 'Look, mom- it's Paul Revere!' Thus, my friends decided, I should shove my lantern full of glowsticks, wear brightly-coloured pants, and call myself Paul Ravere. Good times.


Man, my fingers are numb from doing my 2D Design landscape drawings by the river, but dammit it was worth it! They turned out reeeally nicely, and I only have... Um... Six more. To go. DAMN.


Oh, and it turns out Chris, my friend from class, may be my second cousin- How awesome would that be?

Love you all,

(PostScript to Maddy - good luck with NaNoWriMo- I don't dare try to do it myself this year, so I'll do it vicariously through you!)