October 24th, 2004

lotr :: grima sprite

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Dammit, if you put a picture up for critique and expect some feedback on the anatomy or composition, don't start inking and colouring the damned thing while people are still working on their redlines...!!

me :: lake mary


My god, if you have $20 to spare, please fortheloveofallthatiswellandgoodinthisworld buy The Katurran Odyssey, by Terryl Whitlatch (she did the equally marvelous Wildlife of Star Wars, if you're familiar with it). I ordered it per Amazon.com and just finished reading it, and it thrills me to see more books along the lines of, say, Dinotopia and Voyage of the Basset- this is truly what the children of our world need right now. The story is wonderfully fable-esque with exquisitely charming characters, and the art is just... Drool. Drooldrooldrool. I mean, how many books can you get that casually feature tapirs and moas in the background? Not many, I'll say that. Mmm. Well, get it, or wait 'til I get back from college so you can read it (you know who you are...), an just make sure that you're in some way able to read this damned thing. So great.

Now I'm off to read There and Back Again, by Sean Astin... Madeleine, I'm assuming you know that this book is out? Mrr?

Oh, shite, wait- by 'going to read another book' I mean 'going to finish up my English essay like the CORE graduate that I am.' Whup.