October 26th, 2004

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Is it wrong for me to be annoyed by the fact that my 2D Drawing TA, when I mentioned that I draw sci-fi and fantasy art, immediately assumed that I drew crappy, stereotypical sci-fi and fantasy art? It came up when I was discussing potential wintersession courses- Sci-Fi & Fantasy Illustration being one of them- and she said that the teacher would show us how to draw original fantasy work, how to draw dragons that were our own. I mentioned that this sounded awesome, seeing how that's what I liked to do, and she kind of raised her eyebrow with a sort of Sure You Do, Young Padawan expression and said, "Yeah, but not like that- what's it called? That yerf stuff where you're all like, 'Oh! I'll combine a hermit crab with a rabbit!'"

I admit that I'm amused that yerf is now an adjective, but I just got grumbly for the rest of the day... I do work to create fantasy worlds that are my own, that have their own logic and such- I don't like being lumped together with the other' I DRAW ROBOTS IN BOWLER HATS SO I AM COOL' freshmen. No, seriously- we had a 'future' assignment in drawing, and during our critique our teacher brought up (in conjunction with my piece, of course) how I should meet another student of hers who did a victorian-style future scene; I said that'd be cool, as long as he didn't go with the whole steam-punk thing that's popular now and draw robots in bowler hats. I was joking, but coincidentally enough he had drawn robots in bowler hats. HA!

But now I've done an hour of hardcore exercise in the gym and am pumped up on drugs my own body has produced to the point that nothingworrriesmeatall. Woo!

me :: lake mary

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...Why is there Spam in my dorm room refrigerator?

Does my roommate actually eat spam, or is it for a project?

Should I feel suddenly unsafe due to the presence of fake-fake meat in my room?

(the spam)

So many questions.
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