December 3rd, 2004

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Lost my iPod in the gym two nights ago, panicked, calmed down after talking to my dad, and found my iPod at Public Safety this afternoon... Life is good!

Life is good on all accounts, actually:
- it's the holiday season
- Providence is winding like mad and thus reminding me of the holiday season back home (winter + Northridge = Santa Ana winds, obviously)
- I've got Christmas music, dammit!
- I 'finished' my drawing assignment for today, and we were let out of class early (sleep. Mmm.)
- the gang and I are going to Sakura tonight for fine Japanese cuisine
- I'm rereading LotR and getting squealy all over again... Oh, and Madelenine, Sean Astin's autobiography was awesome; very honest, and some really interesting anecdotes pop up- I'll bring mine home for you to read.

God, I'm just comfortable right now! Oh, except for the fact that I felt weird at lunch today; I wasn't hungry and just made do with a banana and a bottled water, but when I ate half of one of Asher's chicken fingers I suddenly felt guilty about the fact that I was 'eating so much.' Wtf, indeed... I better make sure to gorge myself at dinner tonight- WHICH I WILL.

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