December 8th, 2004

me :: lake mary

Who woulda thunk.

I have, as of today, discovered that wonders of the Providence Recycling Center. Yes, I know that it sounds like a place to take your bottles and such, but it's nothing of the sort- it is, instead, a graveyard for excess materials and surplus merchandise to be sold for 15¢ per lb and given life again by penniless risd students and kindergarden teachers. My god, there were lots of kindergarden teachers. They essentially have everything under the sun there, from random... Metal... Doohickies... To carpet samples and excess earplug material (seriously, it was everything but the earplugs- sheets of the waxy, squishy stuff with lots of earplug-shaped holes cut out. Really gross. Hye Vin bought loads of it.). Dude. Amazing.

So, after quite a lot of fretting and glee-ing and touching, I ended up buying:

- Cupboard paneling sample tags in Festive Christmas Colours
- Tags of some other sort, I don't care, they were cool
- Gold stuff
- A roll of seatbelt material, my god so cool
- Black lace
- That expensive matte photo paper
- Innumerable place ribbons from Rhode Island horse shows and county fairs

...And it ended up being 75¢. My god. I paid $3 because I felt guilty, and the people seemed quite happy about it. Wow. My Christmas presents for people are going to be COVERED in ribbons this year.

In other, I suppose more relevant news, I think I aced my English exam; the first questionasked us to discuss some epitaph that Johnson had made up on the spot when he heard another epitaph that he didn't like, which was quite manageable, and the second just had us identify and explain the time periods of some poems. Substantial jubilation was derived.

Can't wait to maul friends during winter break,