December 11th, 2004

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If I Had A Million Dollars...

Went to tonight's Barenaked Ladies concert in Boston with the gang, and, though I've said it many times before, many thanks and hugs to Casey's parents for funding this trip. I don't think I'd ever been in a limo before. Hm.

This was my first BNL concert, so arriving a half-hour late and having to put up with a semi-annoying comedian on occassion in no way dampered the experience; the music was awesome as usual, the boys themselves were absolutely hi-sterical, and everyone just seemed pumped to be there... And the fifth row seats didn't hurt either, now that I think about it; when the fanclub says that they reserve priority seats, they mean priority seats, even in such a small venue as the Orpheum. You're constantly making eye contact with the band at that distance, and the experience was just charged! Gah! So much fun. Giddygiddygiddy. Also tired, but still giddy. This was definitely one of the most ad libbed concerts I've ever been too, which is always charming- knowing that the band was making up raps and joking about members of our audience and poking fun at Boston made it so speshul-like... Um. Tired.

(Oh, and Kevin Hearn is slowly rising on my List of Famous People Who I'd Love To Be Friends With; he's an adorable little hobbit of a man, and he plays a mean keyboard and/or accordian; Casey's been in contact with him for some time now, so I'm hoping I can somehow send some of my art to him- I think he'd like it.)

Sadly, we didn't get to meet the band afterwards (stupid RAIN), but we did give five RISD Nads shirts to their tour manager to give to them- he promised he would put it on the bus, and he's apparently very trustworthy and good with the fans... Huzzah! Hopefully, we can get a photo of them in the shirts- that'd be the top of cool.

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