December 14th, 2004

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" 'Oh, look at me, I can make really tight turns on these ski blades! I'm amazing!' Yeah, well that's because your skis are shorter than my friggin' penis."

Oh, the wisdom of Andrew. We (we being Andrew, John, Maggie, Calea and I) went skiing up at Mt. Snow on Sunday... Although, to quote Andrew yet again, 'the car didn't start, and neither did Claire' in the morning, we eventually got going and hit the slopes for a pretty full day of skiing/snowboarding... Simply awesome. I was in no way expecting to go skiing this semester, so the trip coming together was actually quite a surprise! Andrew's a certified ski instructor, and thus dwarfed all of our skills in comparison, but it was convenient having someone around to critique our technique. And to ski down a black diamond backwards. Whatever.

My legs, arms, and lower abs are as sore as should be humanly possible, but it's a nice sort of soreness; I don't think I've ever pushed myself that hard in a single day of skiing (bring on the blacks, baby), so I'm feeling quite confident for my upcoming trip to Mammoth with my family... As long as I get some new snow gear, anyway.

Off to 'work on 3D' and 'sleep,'
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