February 2nd, 2005

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Apologies for not updating in a while- Creature Creation has kept me busy even on my off days, so free time has been severly lacking... To the point that I've been (gasp!) missing out on WoW. Shocking, I know. Class itself has been wondrous; my puppet/mask is definitely coming along, so I'll make a point to post photos soon. I should finish painting by tomorrow, which allows all of us to start really getting into character and playing around with our movement within the puppets. I shall be the queen of goats, or, well, the king of goats, seeing how Mary pictures my character as being male. And Erminio has taken to calling me the 'Ram of the Internet,' which makes absolutely no sense to me. Huh.

Look at me work with foam. Look at me!! Actually, that's from a week or two ago, but you get the idea. Horns. Lots of 'em. Mmm-yep.

Moving on, the remainder (ha!) of my time has been spent... Um... Damn. Doing something, I'm sure. Oh, yes- I helped support sex club by going to the porn party- more on that later- I'm going to the Petroushka ball, a russian event, in New York with my grandfather, I've found that boys are oblivious and confusing, and, well, there you go. My life's not adding up to much at the moment, but it's good.