March 16th, 2005

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OMG undead my little pony!!!11! lolololol

My dwarf hunter character just hit level 30 last night and, thank the good lord, I'm still not in the least bit bored with the game; Beth and (more notably so) Josh are both even higher than I am, so I still maintain the faith in the game that so many other players seem to have lost at this point.

Maybe it's the fact that I work for an online company that has to deal with a lot of crap in terms of its customer service, but I sympathize far too much with Blizzard to start saying that I'm 'disappointed in them' or that they suck because my server's been down/lagging/causing gryphons to fall inexplicably from the sky. I enjoy what time I do spend in Azeroth, and I suppose the fact that I have to spend a good percentage of my day in class, going to the gym, eating, doing un peu socializing, and homeworking makes it seem like there isn't that much of a lag problem in the long run. Despite that I reside on a high population server. Hrm.

Aaaanyway, life's been grand- saw They Might Be Giants this Sunday at Borders, worked on my 2D painting while waiting for them to arrive. Ran into Evan from Principia due to some cosmic coincidence. Who woulda thunk.

School itself is going well; Illuminated Manuscripts is, in all sincerity, thrilling, and my studios- although not quite as thrilling due to their 7.5 hour format- are working out just as well as they should. I miss this so-called 'free time'- my weeks and weekends have become so frighteningly scheduled, and I can't wait for break in a week or so. If anyone's interested, I'll be in New York during break cavorting about and visiting museums and listening to Scot rock and such loveliness; come say hi. I mean, if you're in the area. Please don't come if you're in California, though I appreciate the thought and miss you too.

m01ety/Adam- I miss you one hundred fold, and would like to talk via phone and/or visit. Or get you to visit. Or something. We need to plan Mass Mysteria, so I suppose that could be used as a legitimate excuse for me to vent to some one about life... And about how I seem to be oddly fond of periods at the moment. Wheeeee.

Off to trace letters,
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