March 21st, 2005

me :: lake mary

To One Adam of Boston

I have had the distinct, how do you say, pleasure of being acquainted with this Mr. Charles Exam Finals, and I too have found him to be a suitor of most loathsome character indeed... My heart and all of its sympathy go out to you with most sincerity, and I will do my best to skirt around him in arranging to visit you in Boston (the town from whose very loins burst forth this fine country, as much trouble as it may be in at the moment).

I suppose I should acknowledge my own personal demons, those of Two-Dimensional Design and The First Crusade, which loom menacingly over my shoulder as I write this- a pox on these hellish responsibilities, though I suppose I shall appreciate them in the end. Nevertheless, I sigh heavily to think of them.

Plans will be made yet, I give you my word.

With affection a-plenty,