March 26th, 2005

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...I need that quote from yesterday's PVP Online on a shirt so badly. Gah.

Risd's spring break started yesterday after classes, so I'm writing this from Andrew's house after a full, full day at the American Natural History Museum- huzzah for skeletons of obscure prehistoric mammals! Huzzah. I rarely have the chance to go to museums with people who don't mind waiting for me while I draw things like a giddy fangirl (a fangirl of natural history, that is), so I managed to visit rooms which I'd never been to before- the Hall of Ocean Life was particularly engrossing- and I promise (ha!) to scan my sketches whenever I have the chance.

After pizza, movies, and general 'hanging out' tonight, we're going to visit our dear friend the Met tomorrow (as if I hadn't seen the Temple of Dendur enough times in the past few months, ha ha), an auto show of some sort on Tuesday (we humor Andrew, yes we do), and then more museums and a show at some point after that. To hell with a specific itinerary, I'm tired, for heavens' sake! But yes. Much New Yorking, followed by more New Yorking with Casey and the gang, and then we're all of to Kate's so I can pester Adam to make up for our lack of visiting eachother over the past few months.