April 5th, 2005

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2D Homework. I finished my so-called 'artist's book' for 2D last night, followed soon after by a record-breaking 15 minutes of sleep. 15 whole minutes! Amazing. My fellow students (and professor) ended up loving it in the critique, something which- in conjunction with us having class outside since it was such an exemplary day- put me in quite the mood! I shall post it eventually, once an orphaned scanner miraculously finds its way into my dorm room, and those who enjoy my consistantly more complex stick figure style can get their thrills. Huzzah!

Gym. I should be going to it in a minute or so, despite that I'd rather, you know, catch up on sleep. Ah well, at least I now have the chance to test my 'the Children of Dune soundtrack makes for good exercise music' theory on the stationary bike.

Mass Mysteria keeps coming to mind at the most inopportune times, causing me to spontaneously whip out my sketchbook in the middle of someone else's critique simply to jot down a t-shirt design. My professor is not necessarily pleased with this tendency, but I'm sure I'll be fine seeing how I'm one of the few in class who is up to her 'knowledge of world news' standards.

Off to do things.