April 6th, 2005

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After writing my last entry, in which I voiced plans to go to the gym, I attempted to put a book on the bookshelf above my bed and promptly fell asleep just to spite myself... I'm guessing that touching my bed, in conjunction with an aforementioned severe lack of sleep, fooled my brain into thinking that I was ready for bed. Huh. Nevertheless, I managed to wake myself up at 7:55 very confused, very much still clothed, and very sure that I had my Expansion of Europe class in 5 minutes. I was a bit late, but the confusion ended up lasting for the duration of the class and the only notes I took were doodles of a logo for Mass Mysteria anyway. Wow.

I made up for last night by hitting the gym this morning, so I've been in a revitalized, skirt-wearing mood all day. It's so very odd to suddenly have sun, as I haven't felt actual heat since, oh, last September, but not having to worry about 'whether I should bring a jacket or not' is quite refreshing indeed. Damn it all, now I want to go Balkan dancing. This skirt is made for Balkan dancing. Why aren't there Balkan dancing groups in Providence? I should look that up.


...Yes, well, when I have free time I'm heading off to Arlington, MA for some Balkan dancing! Man, that was an unexpected digression from my text.

More later, much love, I need to renew my paid account,