April 7th, 2005

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Thanks to my TiVo back home (and my dad's pechant for putting things to DVD), I've been catching up on the Stargate SG-1/Atlantis episodes I've missed since I've come to school, which is veeery exciting. I'm currently on the episode Moebius, and less than 10 minutes into it I've already formulated a rant that would make Daniel Jackson proud.

Okay, here's some quick background; among the things that Catherine has left to Daniel after her death is an 'original 1889 edition of The Eye of the Sun,' a book which supposedly outlines the customs and practices of those who worshipped Ra, the Egyptian sun god (as I'm sure you all knew). This is all well and good, as one of the illustrations features a ZPM-esque glyph, blah blah power source blah, but once they showed the illustration in question on screen I was suddenly faced with a Glaring Historical Inaccuracy (hereafter known as a GHI, which has a really nice ring to it when read as an expletive. Ghi!) which I wasn't about to dismiss.

Now, maybe it's just because I'm such a huge fan of the Amarna period in Egyptian history, but the fact that the picture shown was not a worshipper of Ra but Akhenaten, the infamous heretic-king, paying tribute to the many-handed Aten, god of the sun-disc, somewhat rubbed me the wrong way. Akhenaten is primarily known for upheaving the Egyptian pantheon and being the first monotheistic pharaoh, which I have always found fascinating, and it miffs me that the creators of Stargate obviously know of his existence but still haven't used him or Aten in a plotline. I mean, think of the implications of a monotheistic pharaoh...! So much fun. Grr. Argh. The Egyptology Geek in me is throwing canopic jars in frustration.

On a related but more positive note, OMG. Alternate universe geek!Sam & geek!Daniel are adorable, and McKay...! Gleegleeglee!

Aaand I'm done.