April 9th, 2005

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I'm reading the book The Crusades Through Arab Eyes for my Expansion of Europe class, and, surprisingly enough, I'm enjoying it... It's written quite animatedly, and so my mind has been drawing tangents to Dune and Lord of the Rings with each mention of a jihad or besieged city (I suppose the fact that I've got the Children of Dune soundtrack playing isn't helping). Anyway, I just read this excerpt and found the parallel to LotR quite interesting:

"Scarcely had they completed their retreat when the knights who had crushed Ridwan returned, carrying macabre trophies from the battle. The inhabitants of Antioch soon heard great guffaws of laughter, followed by muffled whistles. Then the fearfully mutilated severed heads of the Aleppans, hurled by catapults, began to rain down. A deathly silence gripped the city."

...Aaaand this is why I love history- it's the epic story that precedes all other epic stories, and it's all the more powerful once you realize that it's real. Sure, there's a severe dearth of sandworms and fell-beasts, but the crusaders could take on the orcish hordes anyday.