April 11th, 2005

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My state of mind is easily read in my outlines for essays, which eventually degrade from

-Yaghi-Siyan was, in fact, known for promoting discord and overturning alliances amongst the Muslim powers (p. 22)
Duqaq, so caught up in his own fears concerning his brother, hesitates to issue an attack on the Franj (even though he has a clear numerical advantage) (p. 24). He backs out of the fight entirely.


PPPWUHOH, teh Franj are liek here OMGOMGOMG!!!1 And they are besieging Nicea. Crap on a stick.
Yaghi eventually breaks, tries to run out, falls unconch offisorse, I’mn tireddddd other schtuff
Karbs waits for the Franj to leave. Shit happens. Things... Die.

I really hope my lack of sleep doesn't translate into my final draft.