April 23rd, 2005

me :: lake mary

Mysterium logo...

I'm finally sucking it up and designing a logo for this year's Mysterium, something which I haven't done for a good four years or so; I haven't sent it in to the committee yet, so I figured posting it here for a last-minute critique wouldn't be a bad idea. Any suggestions for text placement or whatnot?

EDIT: I've added an alternate design with the falling man in black with white outline- any preferences?

Thanks much,
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me :: lake mary

(no subject)

Your disengagement from one Mr. Charles Exam Finals is cause for no less than the most exuberant of celebrations! I must admit that I was hesitant, at first, to voice my disapproval of his calling upon you, but I am relieved to see that you have come to your wits all on your own; besides, what sort of name would "Finals" be for a young man of your character to take? I suppose this is rather pessimistic of me, but I cannot help but see him returning for more within the next few years- the man is persistant, and as more and more young gentlemen and women leave him by the wayside I can imagine that he'd simply dust off his waistcoat and make his 'rounds again. The scoundrel.

I will, on your advice, keep an eye out for the man in the unfortunate case that he makes any attempt at solicitation. I fear the worst, as he has already made his presence known, but I have yet to actually meet with him and I will attempt to avoid doing so at all costs.

I have met with his distant cousin, the charming Ms. Cassandra Free Time of Beautiful Spring Weather Abbey, on several brief occassions, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to further my acquaintance with her person in favor of ever having to set sight on Charles again... I might, in fact, bring her as a guest to the Gardner Estate this coming week-end if at all possible, as I have found her to be a most delightful companion who has nothing but the best of intentions for those in her company. Such gay laughter issues from her mouth that I have never heard the likes of before!

The anticipation of our engagement with Ms. Gardner is far too distracting for me to bear- this week cannot pass fast enough!

Only yours,