April 27th, 2005

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My course catalog for next year just arrived in the mail, so I've been perusing through the liberal arts classes to see if anything in particular caught my eye. The classes were simultaneously interesting and meh, so I decided to see how plausible it was for me to take a few classes at Brown next year. Glancing through their course catalog, in contrast, had me salivating all over my keyboard. Let's take a look at some potential classes, shall we?

Middle Egyptian: Intro to Egyptian Hieroglyphic Writing System & Classical Stage of the Ancient Egyptian Language
Selections from Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts
Myths and Origins of Science
Invertebrate Zoology
Michel Foucault and Comparative Thinking
Love, Adultery and Sexuality

me :: lake mary

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I can't quite figure out why, but I've reverted to a wibbling pile of procrastinatory worry over the past week... I've been getting things done on time, but not without throwing off my internal clock with queerly-placed naps, missed meals, and late nights spent wondering whether I should spell Kublai Khan with an "i" or not. I've found myself sitting in front of my sketchbook, ready to draw out some concepts for one of my studio final projects, only to Screw It All and curl into a fetal position on my bed and think. About nothing in particular. Not fun.

Despite my funk, Kelly put up with me and we went to the gym, and luckily enough talking to Kelly + Gym = a much happier Claire, so I'm sure I'll be able to make it through this week. Methinks the combination of impending doom finals and the stress of getting myself ready for Mass Mysteria caused me to go temporarily mad. MWAhahaha.

Speaking of mysteria, Adam- we need to make final arrangements for this weekend so I don't end up getting any more lost and confused than I need to be. :P I'm probably going to order my train tickets on the morrow, so If we could chat via livejournal/MC/phone/telepathy that would be absolutely marvelous!