May 6th, 2005

me :: lake mary

I'm not posting at 5 in the morning. I swear.

This past weekend, and the gathering known as Mass Mysteria which so highlighted it, was quite the escapist fantasy in comparison to the stress of finals which I’m currently having to sludge my way through. I mean, I suppose It wasn’t actually a fantasy, as I’m rather sure that it did happen, but it was definitely an escape/release/wonderful, wonderful experience!

Onto the textual reminiscing for those of you who weren’t Collapse )

...And, of course, the rest of the photos! Knock yourselves out.

Official Mass Mysteria Quotations
”That’s such an ivory pimp cane.”
-Moiety, on a 15th century altarpiece

“I- I think he might be a bad man!”
-Annacat, on Sirrus

“It is false, the Whark is not angry.”
-Moimoi, discussing the true/false options in Scryber

“Breeding? We need to prevent any breeding behavior. Because they can’t breed.”
-Guide at the aquarium