May 13th, 2005

me :: lake mary

Cue the violins...!!

There's a ball being held tonight, and it seems everyone is attending... But me.

This may sound tragic at first, and you might weep to behold the angst I seem to be enduring, and cry a lone tear on my behalf. You might even fall to the ground, openly sobbing, if that is your way.


...That is, you would have, had you stopped reading after that last sentence and had a pechant for the melodramatic; this is actually a celebratory post, as I'm quite delighted to say that Josh, Beth and I are skipping the drunken hordes in order to sit back for a night of Return of the Jedi with a side of Enterprise! God bless sci fi, the savior of socially awkward geeks everywhere.

Much love and excitement,