May 14th, 2005

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I wasn't exactly planning on having a post entirely about Firefly/Serenity, but I had several points to make on the subject and compiling them seemed like a natural progression, so there you go. Onward!

- Joss Whedon is collaborating with Dark Horse on a comic that apparently bridges the gap between the Firefly television series and the upcoming feature film, Serenity. As excited as I am about this prospect, I'm a mite bit pissed about what I've seen of the art... Well, the cover art, anyway. Like so many "comics based on television series" before it, it features art in a pseudo-realistic style that attempts to mimic the series itself, and ends up looking awkward and stiff as a result (see the short-lived SG-1 comic, which I hardly even acknowledge exists). Inara, for example, has become distressingly comicky, and so it seems that, as of now, brilliant, wise and stunningly beautiful companion = BREASTS. Breasts alongside wonky proportions and oddly-drawn hands, yes, but primarily BREASTS. Since when did Inara become so generously proportioned? Search me, I thought she was fine the way she was.

...Meh. I'll probably end up buying it despite it all, but still. Meh.

- The next two points/links are for Adam, as he voiced interest in both, but they're pretty gorram awesome in and of themselves and I'm sure at least some of you will get a kick out of them. First off, a link to the Firefly Chinese Pinyinary, a site compiling the Chinese phrases, curses, and everything else used in Firefly alongside their respective contexts, translations, and pronunciations. If there's anything more important than learning how to say "shut the hell up" in Chinese, then... I don't care. I'm memorizing it anyway. Ha HA!

Finally, a quick notice that I want Mal's pants. And the correct suspenders. I also would not mind Mal's pants on someone else... I just need to be in the general vicinity. Must... Resist. Drooooooool.

me :: lake mary

The Lobster Quadrille

I was given the chance to take photos of my friends readying themselves for the ball tonight, which was a pleasure; there are few things I like more in this world than genuinely spontaneous photography.

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I need to fix my camera so I can do this more often- I'm proud of the outcome, dammit!